The New and Improved BioThings Website

by Ginger Tsueng

Unless you're viewing this post from an RSS feed reader or something, you may have notice that has undergone a HUGE cosmetic improvement! This is thanks to the hard work of Marco who has been working on updating the BioThings, MyGene, MyVariant, and the near-non-existant MyChem websites.

The previous website was composed of a ghost blog that hosted content for the MyGene and MyVariant websites. This made it confusing for users who clicked on any of the blog posts from MyGene or MyVariant because it automatically sent them to the blog. This also made the content of our website very confusing for search engines since they were located on the site, but were actually intended for the MyGene or MyVariant sites.

With the redesigned site, the posts will be properly mirrored on the appropriate site and be treated as canonical vs syndicated which should eliminate some of the confusion.

Have a look at the new site and let us know what you think in the comments or on twitter!