Fungi and protists and plants...oh my!

biothings data release

Billie Aprils here-- Do you need up-to-date gene annotations from multiple resources in an easy to use format? We got you covered! You can now access gene annotations for over 25 MILLION genes from over 22 thousand species at the comfort of your own home. Do your bioinformatics research from your computer in your snuggies at home or at the gym! The power of gene annotation data from over seven gene resources is now available at your finger tips and can be yours at the incredible price!

That's right, friends, this incredible API can be used by anyone for free thanks to the miracles of open source and FAIR data!

But wait, there's more!


That's right, friends, the latest data release includes updates from Ensembl Genomes! We're talking about plant gene annotations! Fungi gene annotations! Protist gene annotations! Metazoan gene annotations and more! This latest data release adds over four million genes, bringing the number of genes to a WHOPPING 29 MILLION genes!

Now you can convert entrez gene ids to Ensembl gene ids and vice versa for various plants, protists, fungi, and more!

Now, I know what you're're thinking, this must be a joke, right? How could anyone take these gene annotations from all these different data sources and make them all available in a standardized format?

While it is April Fools day, this is no joke, and you'd be a fool to not take advantage of this incredible offer! These gene annotations are all accessible thanks to the generosity of the NIH in funding bioinformatics resources that can help advance biomedical discovery!

And I get it--when I tell people about this incredible resource, people will reply, "Billie, Billie, you're dreaming--it's too good to be true...there's got to be a catch!

While technically there is a catch, it's just a little-itty-bitty catch that applies to all BioThings API's. The catch is that you're expected to respect the data licensing agreements from the great resources that feeds into each particular API.