New release: Python client updated to v3.0.0 client newrelease sync_sulab python

A few weeks ago, we released v3 API, which brings changes to exon field data structure and added accession version numbers to refseq and accession fields, along with some other back-compatible changes.

Our Python client mygene module is now updated to use our v3 API as the default. We increased its version from v2.3.0 to v3.0.0, just to match the underlying API version.

The mygene module itself has no incompatible changes (see detailed CHANGES.txt if you like). But you might want to check out the changes in our underlying v3 API from this detailed migration guide, especially if you are using refseq, accession and exon fields in your application.We encourage all of our users to upgrade to this new version. The upgrade is as easy as one line of command:

pip install mygene -U  

To verify you have the latest version installed:

In [1]: import mygene

In [2]: mygene.__version__  
Out[2]: '3.0.0'

And you can see it's using our v3 API as the default now:

In [3]: mg = mygene.MyGeneInfo()
In [4]: mg.url
Out[4]: ''

As a side note, in case you still want to use our v2 URL for a while, you can still do that by setting mg.url=''. Our v2 API will still be live till most of our users are migrated to v3 API, but the annotation data from v2 API will not be updated any more.

As always, you can find more info about our Python client here: